Some of
my latest work

I design, I build, I code. Below is a collection of previous projects.

Hannah Martin

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce build for high end Jeweller Hannah Martin. If you hang around on some pages too long, bits actually start to fall off the screen.

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BrightLocal Help Center

A custom Zendesk theme designed and built for the Customer support team at BrightLocal. This was an exercise in applying all the new logo and branding work I carried out for BrightLocal into other areas of their business.

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My 2nd Redesign and rebuild for BrightLocal. I worked with the team at BrightLocal and usability experts to create this site. We are constantly adding, testing and tweaking the code and design, to get the best performance and reflect the constant developments in their software.

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The wonderful world of Tambeerah, full of buzzing bees and fairydust. An animation heavy site with loads of illustrations built on Craft CMS. Part of the build was also a digital music player PWA.

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Outdoor Cook

Custom Shopify theme for Outdoor Cook.

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Bates Campbell

Brochure site designed in Sketch and built on Craft CMS for Bates Campbell.

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Custom built Shopify theme for Noble. This build required some ‘creative’ use of Shopify’s posts and taxonomies.

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Windkat Chimney Cowls

A redesign and rebuild for Windkat. The new site needed to be mobile friendly, simpler to navigate and more intuitive for browsers looking to buy a chimney cowl. Less barriers on the way to checkout is key for successful ecommerce.

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Company of Wolves

A laboratory theatre company based in Glasgow. Company of Wolves needed a new site that reflected their outstanding work. Key for them was having a site that they could easily update… they got one!

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Conscious Craft

An online shop built on Shopify, selling high quality craft and toys with environmentally friendly credentials.

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HUEZ is a performance cycling and fashion clothing brand. I worked with their design team to create a very custom responsive shopping experience on Shopify.

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