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Fantasy Football Scout

Easily the best site for fantasy football tips, tricks and insights. This is complex build with lots of dynamically loaded elements. I created a custom WordPress theme for the site and the frontend code for the custom plugins.

Prince and Sons Tea Co

Making everyday tea exceptional. Having painstakingly created their teas and blends and presented them beautifully, Prince and Sons Tea Co needed a website that was on brand. The site uses the Shopify platform and is of course responsive.

Casa Mary

Casa Mary is a beautifully restored holiday farmhouse in Latina, Italy. A responsive website was needed to give more information to prospective renters. It is a simple WordPress brochure site that looks great with retina displays as well.

12 Things to help you get an accurate quote from a Web Designer or Agency

Most of my private work comes from recommendations and often the first thing i’m asked is “how much will it cost?” I then have to ask “well what do you want?” and then references to varying lengths and pieces of string inevitably weave …
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Affordable and Clever EPOS

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems can be a daunting prospect for shop owners. They are historically complicated and also historically very expensive. Another thing I found was that expensive didn’t necessarily equal good. A lot of people now check …
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Open Source if possible

I’m generally a big fan of open source Projects, I have scraped some sort of living using systems like WordPress and Drupal over the last 10 years. I have added some of my own bits of code to some projects …
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Responsive Design and code

The term “Responsive” in the realm of websites is flying around all over the place. In short it is a method of making a website adjust to a users available screen size to deliver an optimal experience. Depending on your …
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Built for Humans, coded for Robots

The letters SEO seem to be fast disappearing from company names right now. Why? Well Google changed the way it ranked websites and now focuses much more on what is actually on your site and a lot less on what …
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Projects Scaled Accordingly

It is a bit of a cliche, but, the web is a fast evolving medium. People don’t ask wether you have a website, they ask what your address is or just expect you to be there when they search. If …
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Katsura Gardens

Katsura Landscape Gardeners provide their landscaping and tree surgery services in the South East and london. They are a hardworking, fun and fresh eco conscious company and required a site and brand that shows this.


I designed and built this responsive website for AMLYbuild. One of AMLY’s USP’s is their attention to detail with not only their building process, but, also the finish. You never see a dirty AMLY van. This professionalism had to come …
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