Built for Humans, coded for Robots


The letters SEO seem to be fast disappearing from company names right now. Why? Well Google changed the way it ranked websites and now focuses much more on what is actually on your site and a lot less on what you tell them is on your site. This means that that it is very important to help the google robots find all the information they need.

Web designers and frontend developers like myself achieve this by building clean and semantic code, that clearly points the robots in the right direction. We also have to make sure that your pages load quickly and are properly optimised.

This is only half the battle, we also have to make sure the site works well for us humans too, after all it is us humans who we build these sites for in the first place. Making informed design and user interface choices from the start is important here, then, after a period of time we can analyse the way your customers interact with your site and adjust accordingly.

What happened to all the SEO companies? Well I think plenty are still around, peddling their stuff. Quite a few have become Content Marketeers or Social media specialists etc. Luckily for Rayon shirt manufacturers these guys will always find some angle in.

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Modified: December 3, 2013

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