New LG IPS235V monitor

Finally, my old Samsung Syncmaster 24 inch monitor bust its capacitors and died on me, just a faint flicker when the power came on and and then the picture would disappear. There are various tutorials floating around the web on how to replace the capacitors, however, I decided that the screen wasn’t up to much anyway and wasn’t worth the bother.

The search began for a new one. Now my setup is my 27 inch iMac as the main monitor for designing and previewing and the Samsung was used as a second monitor for my email client (sparrow) and Coda (for coding etc), so, mainly text use.

I was tempted to go and get myself I great big Thunderbold display or a 27 inch Dell Ultrasharp, but since I am gonna be moving office soon and don’t know whether I am going to need to get a Laptop as my next computer (in which case I would definitely want a Thunderbolt Display) I decided value for money would be fine for now, and I could always turn what ever I buy into a TV later on.

I looked at a few 24 inch Dell Ultrasharps, but ended up gunning for the LG IPS235V which was being sold for only £128. It has received good reviews and for that price, it was worth a punt and unlike the Dell it actually had an HDMI slot. In Terms of picture quality LG make the screen panels for Dell and Apple.

I think the Dell Ultrasharp U2412M is a better size (16/10) for actually doing work (the LG is 16/9). But was about £100 more wherever I looked.

The LG has arrived now and after trying to get a similar colour setup to my iMac for way too long I was about to send it back and get the Dell, as everything was looking very magenta….. I then changed the Gamma from 2.2 to 2 and suddenly the magenta tones went and I had a screen I could live with.


If the Dell had an HDMI cable I think I would have gone for it. But for the money the LG is a very very good monitor and will be fine later as a bedroom TV etc.

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Modified: May 14, 2012

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