Description and keyword Optimisation for Magento

Keywords or Meta Keywords

Meta keyword tags are optional features, which the Website may include. The only purpose of these meta tags, since they do not even appear on the page, is to list the keywords most relevant to the Web page for better, more accurate search engine identification. They are only any use if they are entirely relevant to the page content. If they are not, then they generally have a negative impact on search engine ranking and are considered as spam

Meta Description

The Meta Description is the meta tag that describes the content of the page and is embedded in the HTML. It is about 12-20 words long and is a good chance of influencing the manner in which the web page is described in search results.

Below is an image that shows the description (highlighted red) in a google search for “Puky Bikes”

As you can see, the more relevant the information there the better.

Meta Title

The meta Title is the text that appears on the top of your browser window when on a web page like below.

and in google search results as highlighted here

Singing from the same hymn sheet

Not only is it important that all these elements contain useful information to the potential customer, but, it is very important that they are all relevant to the page they are promoting, and share the most relevant possible search terms with the page content. Therefor, they do what they say on the tin and the customers who land on the website land in the right place and stay there because that was what they where looking for. Whether they actually buy anything will then mainly be down to price, availability and delivery charges.

Adding meta tags in Magento

It is possible to add/edit the meta content on every page within Magento. Below is an image that shows the interface for this. Going from top to bottom:

  • Name = the name that will appear in the menu
  • Description = Text that will appear above the products
  • Image = Gives a Category image (generally not used much).
  • Page Title = Meta Title
  • Meta Keywords and description (as highlighted above)
  • URL key = The url name for that page

As you can see the keywords and description above are merely OK.

Starting with your description

Good product descriptions are the very important, because search engines like them…a lot. If you can write a good description for each product and category which includes all the key info that may be of use to the customer the rest can follow more easily.


  • include singular and plural versions of key product names. eg puky bikes and puky bike.
  • have relevant info on use, application of item and areas used (if possible). eg great for kids riding off road. It is a good childrens bike for road riding. Many of our local customers have been very pleased with this childrens bike in east sussex.
  • Include key features like: This lightwight puky bike with child specific geometry has an attractive looking aluminium frame. It comes in three colours so if your child wants a blue bike, a red bike or a green bike they won’t be disappointed. And when you buy online you can choose free Puky delivery. With Puky cycles you truly do get a childrens bike that lasts with excellent German build quality.

So now that we have put some thought into our description we have already got 15 keywords (highlighted bold), and since all these keywords actually exist on our page we are representing ourselves correctly to search engines and customers alike.

There is also another slightly underhand technique, where you can include rival products in your description so you can use their keywords. Eg, with the exception of Isla bikes the puky build quality is unmatched.

Doing it with the keyword tool

The tool can be found here

The keyword tool is very useful if you are stuck for ideas, or if your current description and keywords aren’t working you can use the data it provides to change your keywords and descriptions to words that are either more or less popular (depending on the situation).

The first thing you need to do is identify the search phrases or words that you would like to improve your rank on. For example: orbea mountain bikes, green bikes etc etc (remember to put each phrase on a new line). Do the spam picture thing, then hit “get keyword ideas”.

The key here is to choose up to 20 words or phrases and write them down in order of importance as you think is best for your web page. Don’t always choose the words with the highest search volume as they can often be the most competed for and you risk getting crowded out. I think it is important to get a healthy balance of very relevant words some with very little search data and others with medium search data and only 1 or 2 of the most highly searched ones that are entirely specific to your page.

The next step is to re-write your page description and find a way of including your search terms within it.

Personally I think this is more use for category pages. I think that actual product pages need to be entirely specific to the actual product. So, you are better off starting with the “description first” technique.

The best way to do this is to write it all in your text editor of choice. Remember that keywords and phrases are separated by commas, so, no full stops. Also, keep your descriptions as grammatically correct as possible and use capitals where needed as it will show up on search results and looks rubbish when done badly.

That’s it for now



2 Responses to Description and keyword Optimisation for Magento

  1. Perry says:

    Your tips are really useful!
    But what would you advice if I have 5000+ products. It’s really time consuming to write and update meta data for each product regularly. If I do it manually, I will spend all my life on that. I’m thinking about an extension to simplify this work for me, like that one
    Do you have any other suggestions?

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am new to Magento and I do need to optimize my keywords and descriptions. I will also look to see if there is an extension that may make this easier. I did find this site that will allow me to test the extensions before buying them –

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